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A Holiday Celebration: Carols and Motets by Musica Sacra

Tuesday, December 22, 2020 at 7 PM

Music Director and Conductor Kent Tritle leads a core of Musica Sacra singers performing newly recorded carols and motets of the season.

Watch our holiday broadcast:

This evening’s music is made possible through the generous support of the Viktor Kalabis and Zuzana Ruzickova Foundation, courtesy of John Solum.

Introducing Musica Sacra’s Youth Advisory Board

Musica Sacra is proud to announce the formation of a Youth Advisory Board, recently launched to assist in attracting a younger and more diverse audience to our concerts.  We look forward to their new perspectives on audience trends in the performing arts, and to their expertise in the design and development of an increased presence on social media. More generally, they will serve as a sounding board for potential initiatives promoted by the Board of Directors.

Bryan Zaros
Jie Yi
Brittney Wetzel
Charles Stewart
Carmela King

Musica Sacra: William Billings – Union:

Musica Sacra: Something Inside So Strong, arr. Shelton Becton